12 Easy DIY Fall Fix-Ups

Save thousands in future repair, maintenance, and energy costs by not letting minor problems get out of hand.

Make sure to watch out for these 12 fall fix-ups: 

  1. Beef up insulation in an unfinished attic
  2. Add storm or double-pane windows
  3. Weatherstrip interior doors to the basement and garage
  4. Seal exhaust vents
  5. Remove aggressive vines
  6. Install a solar roof-vent fan
  7. Replace damaged asphalt roof shingles
  8. Patch cracks in the driveway
  9. Lengthen stubby downspouts
  10. Change to LED exterior light bulbs
  11. Update to set, then forget Thermostat
  12. Flush the water heater


*Courtesy of Thisoldhouse.com